Interim Manufacturing Director, Germany based, with a near start up business, responsible for developing and implementing manufacturing concepts and detail internationally


  • Developed concept for volume OEM wind turbine assembly specifically to manage beat rate and consistency.

  • Confirmed commercial viability – investment and return

  • Established site options and potential operations partners in the US and India giving a near start up OEM additional credibility with investors etc

  • Volume assembly concept implemented in US factory (and later in part in a China factory (separate assignment)

As Interim Manufacturing Director for an OEM wind turbine producer based in UK then Germany, I reviewed established turbine JV partners in India. I concluded them not to be suitable for India manufacturing development and proposed alternatives.

I developed a volume production line concept for a wind turbine nacelle and hub assembly based on the methodology used for assembly of heavy truck cab tractor units, a concept that was later applied to a line assembling 2MW nacelles and hubs in the US.

I undertook assembly site option reviews for US and India-based nacelle and hub assembly facilities, narrowing down to the most suitable on each continent.

I established roll out plans including alternate layouts, resource levels, process control concepts and detail, activity plan to get established, cash flows and working capital requirements.