Many years of industry experience distilled into solving the difficulties you face

I take responsibility for difficult, complicated or time-bound situations. Whether it’s recovery, turnaround, development or transformation, I combine my technical, commercial and operational experience to resolve the situation, give you back a stable function or achieve the goal.

I have run entire businesses. I have also become a part of the management team, taking relevant responsibility and working within the business and reporting lines to get interim assignments delivered. My experience means I recognise there is often a divide between who has placed the interim assignments and who the assignment is being delivered for. In these situations – as in all situations – I build trust and acceptance.

The difference I make is due to my combination of managerial, commercial, operational and technical skills. In summary:

  • Providing end to end ownership and responsibility – I don’t stop until the results have been achieved.
  • Bringing clear focus and direction so everyone is pulling in the same direction.
  • Creating structure, control and transparency to improve effectiveness and stop surprises.
  • Bringing or quickly developing an understanding of the relevant technical, commercial and operational issues.
  • Rapidly achieving resolution.

My skills mean I achieve the turnaround, recovery or development you need. I provide:

  • Clear communication that ensures the reality is understood by everyone involved.
  • Informed engineering, commercial and operational input that means practical, business-focused solutions.
  • Strategic decisions and a roadmap to achieve them so everyone knows the way forward.
  • Absolute hands-on management that ensures focused progress and development.
  • Behavioural change that embeds what I have put in place and ensures the business does not go backwards after I leave.
  • A turnkey approach that means I close everything out and leave no loose ends.


My background and qualifications

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Where I’ve worked and who I’ve worked with

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