Over 40 assignments completed in 17 countries

My track record is one of hard-won, practical international experience. I’ve achieved the results my clients needed because of my self-reliance and an approach that can be summed up as ‘interim anywhere’. I offer total flexibility and work where the issues dictate.

My international and cross border assignments have been in Austria, China, Denmark, France, Germany, South Korea, Qatar, Hong Kong and the UK. I have worked in Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Ethiopia, Canada, France, India, Scandinavia, Spain and the USA.

My Portfolio has details of my assignments.


  • Areva T & D (now part of GE)
  • Augean
  • Babcock International Group
  • Britax Rumbold (now part of Zodiac)
  • Beumer Group
  • Brush Group
  • Compact Power (now Clinipower)
  • Crisplant
  • DeWind
  • EU Energy
  • FKI Logistex (now Beumer)
  • Froude Hofmann
  • Gambro Hospal
  • GZT
  • Halma Group (Fortress, HF Securities, Hanovia)


  • Lanzhou Electric/CATUM
  • Lorne Stewart
  • Melrose
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe
  • NEG Micon (now Vestas)
  • Tidal Generation (now part of GE, at the time Rolls Royce was a major shareholder company)
  • Senior
  • Vinci (PAR Acoustic & Norwest Holst Telecom)
  • Weir Group (Strachan & Henshaw)
  • Wirsbo (now absorbed into Uponor)


My interim assignments span a wide variety of business situations:

  • Zero/very low turnover, emerging and spin off businesses focused on making their technologies commercially viable with limited resources and high investor expectation.
  • Small and medium businesses, often subsidiaries of UK and European quoted groups.
  • Mittelstands often with international subsidiaries.
  • Turnkey projects and situations that need the absolute focus that only an interim manager can provide.
  • Non-standard entities such as China State Owned Enterprises.


My background and qualifications

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What I do and the results I achieve

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