Interim Project Manager, Austria based, with a large UK industrial group responsible for recovering three wind farms (30 machines)


  • Stabilised wind farms increasing availability to quickly reduce financial penalties (potentially €12k per day)

  • Managed ongoing farm service support and major repair projects (gearbox change outs, etc)

  • Wrote, prequalified, tendered, negotiated and awarded long term “hands off” full service contract

As Interim Manager for a UK industrial plc, I managed the recovery of a 42MW 30 machine wind farm across three sites in Austria that was dilapidated with availability down to 65%.

I established the status, then specified and let the initial recovery contract.

I managed the wider recovery in a very hands-on role. I took responsibility for and managed the technical, commercial and operational functions at site. I also managed major repair projects on gearboxes, main bearings and blades etc.

I constructed, prequalified, tendered and negotiated a long term full service agreement, including appointing a new contractor and managing the transition from previous contractor to new contractor.

Park availability rose from 65% to over 90% in six months.