Interim Projects Director, part Australia based, within a £30m turnover business, responsible for early stage blade production process relocation


  • Developed outline plan and budgets for a process relocation plan then gained corporate approval

  • Completed a detailed “ready to go” scalable plan for a single mould production facility resolving all issues (land acquisition, logistics, labour, grants, taxes, supply chain, approvals, certification, etc)

  • Facility brought into production 30 months later by others (as an employment generation requirement for a major wind farm contract)

As Interim Projects Director, I gained a comprehensive technical, operational and commercial understanding of the UK composite wind turbine blade production, processes and supply chain.

I developed the production technology transfer migration strategy from the UK to Australia, achieving this in 20 days as per a central corporate requirement.

In Australia I established options for land, buildings, professional staff and workers, supply chain, logistics and state/government involvement options (including grants/tax holidays, etc).

I developed the definitive local plan for process migration including draft contracts and agreements to be deliverable from zero to production within 26 weeks.

The factory came into production about 30 months later, which was later than originally planned, as part of a combined agreement for a series of wind farms.