Interim Manager for V116 and V120 blade tooling production, as a part of a business of 17000 people and €8Bn turnover


  • From a delayed start and facing multiple issues, ensured blade tooling met final specifications as well as wider project deadlines that weren’t on the critical path

I took over a late-running project to deliver a complete suite of blade tooling at a critical stage when it was facing incomplete design, incomplete supply chain and other issues.

I undertook a rapid gap analysis and put together a critical path that recognised what might change.

My work involved increasing production capacity, establishing the status of critical items with a long lead time and expediting the most troubled, including prototype moulds and plugs.

I resolved multiple technical, supplier, operational and other issues that emerged in an environment of rapid wider management and organisational change.

I managed the consequences of a major design change due to a shear web issue to ensure there was no delay in programme delivery.

As the wider project began to staff up, I hands on managed most critical elements to stability or closure.

I identified, resolved and managed off areas such as tool issues and building services to completion.