Interim Operations Director focusing on recovery of business critical projects. UK based (Jun 2023 to Sept 2023, full time 16 weeks). Steam turbine OEM (subsidiary of Chart Industries) supplying into the oil, gas and marine sectors, £25m, 130 people.


  • Immediately recognised the priority required to progress current projects and the disruption to wider operations by these projects (and so the importance of completion).

  • Hands on drove the resolution of myriad technical, operational and resource issues to maintain progress acting in whatever role to required.

  • Critical project passed FAT and achieved shipment. Provided support to the wider project.

Took over role in drop dead situation (no hand over) at a critical time for the business (key contracts running behind schedule). Hands on brought absolute focus to a major contract identifying key issues to progress and making them happen. Contract FAT achieved, turbine shipped.

Picked up a minimum of other Operations responsibilities (contracts were the priority).

I made the decision that critical projects progress had to take priority over the resolution of operational issues (can’t do both at the required pace).

I owned critical operational project delivery issues managing them to completion or at least such they no longer impeded progress.

Assignment completed such that there was vey little to hand over (an indicator of success, significant handover would have indicated failure).