Interim Manager for reconfiguration of three factory sites producing new and overhauled high speed diesel engines and overhauled turbo compressors as a part of a business of 200 people and 40M turnover; 1st of 3 concurrent assignments


  • Investment reconfiguration plan detailed and approved by corporate decision makers, including the UK MD

  • Directly delivered all aspects of the factory reconfigurations in North East, North West and South East UK, met timescales, agreed costs, and resolved all issues to achieve new operational requirements

  • The resulting facilities received full and very enthusiastic corporate approval

I created a detailed plan to deliver enhanced capacity, functionality and image at two sites, and the closure and transfer of a third site. I sourced all the equipment and services to achieve this plan.

I oversaw the complete refurbishment of one factory site, which included revising the layout and flow, major modifications to building services, complete change of working environment, dramatic change of image, and complete change of static HSE.

I oversaw the creation of a new facility, replacing machine tools and adding new processes such as surface treatment, NDT, metrology and improved storage efficiency.

I closed third location, which was primarily single contract, and relocated its capabilities into other facilities.

I ensured that all sites met key functionality requirements, ensuring transparency of progress and budgets, and managed commercial issues throughout.