Interim manager based primarily in Slovakia but part in the UK (UK/Slovakia based Mar 2023 to May 2023). Start up company developing deep hole drilling technology for geothermal exploitation, £pre-sale t/o, 40 people.    


  • Rapidly sized resources required to both support existing programmes and next generation technology.

  • Developed a hybrid resource solution (part internal, part contracted), found companies that could support this approach.

  • Separate work stream, drove and focused early stage alternate technology development.

  • Reestablished Bristol office as an engineering/supply chain centre.

Quantified resource issues on running projects, established gap, partial technology subcontract was the only solution given timescales.

Organised search for and found potential providers, ran scope/pricing process to achieve at least one provider for each of 4 modules.

Put outline time plans into place integrating project modules together (for critical path, etc.).

Defined and reopened UK engineering/supply chain office (previously closed due to COVID).

Overall managed separate emerging plasma technology project, guiding/expediting progress, sourcing critical equipment, rapid progress.

Understood that there were three major projects to deliver (current, development and emerging) not two. Timescales and other constraints meant a hybrid solution was essential for resourcing.

Brought focus on specific development areas essential for an immature technology to develop, allowed rapid progress and the consolidations of technical facts (for next step decision making).

Managed all aspects of re-establishing the UK office, in particular an incentive package to encourage use of the facility (which in turn would improve more cooperative working).