Interim Programme Manager for a five company consortium project (£30M), responsible for ensuring all deliverables, progress, governance and budgets


  • Recovered confidence of primary funder (Innovate UK/TSB), brought transparency to reporting

  • Returned approx. £4M of funding having ensured progress on good value projects and closed poor value projects

  • Resolved commercial issues as the market changed

  • Handed over a much smaller very stable project to others which is now complete

 As Interim Program Manager, I took over the management of a five company consortium developing a portfolio of offshore wind technologies.

I rapidly brought order to prime funder reporting and governance requirements (Innovate UK), restoring confidence and ensuring a continuing funding flow for a total programme value of approx. £30m.

I managed the consortium through a contractually and politically difficult period of declaring (previously not visible) spend variances and non-conformances, resolving all contractual issues arising.

I reshaped/renegotiated the scope of delivery and obligations to what:

  • was achievable
  • would provide best value for money for all stakeholders
  • would best manage liabilities.

I handed over a now smaller, stable project to others.