Interim Manager responsible for a number of discrete work packages with a start-up (£ pre-sale) renewable business (business 40 people in total).


  • Packaged resources for next evolution core technology including contracting providers – critical for overall business progress.

  • Brought focus and direction to establish the true potential of a generation hoping technology (will it work). Significant progress in a short time (early stage lab tests, identifying equipment at scale).

  • Reopened UK office (engineering and supply chain) previously closed due to COVID.

I managed a range of activities as well as undertaking projects directly in a start-up business (do whatever necessary; from the trivial to the important).

I identified resourcing as a major issue and the only realistic solution (in the timescales) was a hybrid of company staff and established engineering houses (this also addressed the development of internal engineering processes). Suitable partners established, qualified and contracted.