Defence Equipment & Services Engineer

Country: Canada, UK
Assignment Type: Commercial Negotiation

Commercial, Canada


Interim Commercial Manager, part Canada based, with a £70M turnover defence engineering company


  • Developed and led front-end commercial negotiations for the supply of a €55M complex highly engineered system for marine defence submarine installation

  • Simplified the commercial terms to make them workable for all parties, capped commercial risks

  • Contract latter successfully delivered

As Interim Commercial Manager based in Ottawa for a highly specialised marine defence contractor, I developed and led the commercial position for specific equipment reinstatement on the Canadian submarine fleet.

I undertook initial commercial negotiations with Canadian Public Works (the buying authority) to establish the commercial position of each party (Public Works is more than one entity).

I created modified commercial terms to negotiate scope, risk, responsibility and price and took the commercial lead during the majority of front end negotiations. Contracts were subsequently successfully completed.

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