Interim Projects Director, Hong Kong based, P &L responsible for all aspects of the recovery of a £21M project


  • Took over a loss making and delayed international project, took actions to eliminate a rapidly growing first phase financial loss (£2M including penalties)

  • Delivered second phase within a 25 week programme (no penalties)

  • Last person off site, settled all claims within budget, bonded non performing contractors

As Interim Projects Director based in Hong Kong, I took over a flagship project (£21M) to deliver a high capacity post and parcel sortation and handling system.

The project’s first phase was running late and had major technical and commercial problems with the added complexity of a global supply chain for subcontracts, equipment and services. The contracted timescales meant that design, test, construction and commissioning had to substantially overlap.

I planned then drove through the second phase (on a live site), resolving organisational, technical and commercial issues, bringing in the project ahead of schedule by three days on a 25 week programme.

I closed out all technical and commercial issues with the client, obtained final acceptance and all payments.

I closed out all claims with contractors (including Asian), making full and final settlements within budget.