Interim Manager with a £400M turnover marine and defence business unit


  • Developed the reconfiguration for a number of high integrity business sites to meet growth and defence contract-specific requirements

  • Developed plans and detail for first phase up to CAPEX and then gained approval, first phase now complete, subsequent phases now started by others

As Interim Manager for a specialist defence engineering and services contractor, I developed the reconfiguration for multiple high integrity business sites in the South West UK that employed around 1,500 people.

I took care of security, compliance, contract specific needs, corporate governance and business expansion and contraction scalability issues.

I identified current status and cost base, likely business growth patterns, operating constraints, human factors, issues that needed resolution (such as planning, highways, consents, etc), the mix of facilities that met the future need and strategy.

I developed and rationalised a pragmatic solution (including costs and timescales), which I then implemented up to the achievement of first phase CAPEX approval, which was subsequently delivered.