Interim Project Manager relocating an electrical switching and protection equipment manufacturing business on very short timescales (total relocated business: 135 people, 9300m2 facility, £35M turnover).


  • Manufacturing facility relocated without loss of production or incident in 7 weeks.

  • Entire business relocated within time limits.

  • Saved £500k on expected demobilisation costs at the doner site.

I developed a workstream program, with others, to ensure a controlled and transparent relocation (which subsequently happened).

I coordinated with a variety of contractors at both sites to ensure the required functionality was available on programme (building services, statutory compliance, IT infrastructure, etc.) including future-proofing.

I brought intense focus on the hour-by-hour activity to ensure deviations were picked up quickly and managed.

I reconfigured and then tracked the budget to control any cost overrun ensuring transparency.