Interim International Projects Director, China based in an SOE, maturing and managing processes for transferred German 2MW technology


  • Following first of type production, matured developed assembly concepts and practice for nacelle and hub assembly

  • Supervised zero series assembly (all China work force), increasing beat rate

  • Within 8 weeks created a single complete dual language graphical BOM document

  • Run of 25 machines subsequently assembled by the trained teams

Following on from a China assignment to build a first-of-type nacelle and hub, I supervised the zero series build of further nacelles and hubs, improving factory logistics, subassembly technique for volume, tooling and worker skills.

I ensured quality was maintained, the control and beat rate improved and that lessons learned from the first-of-type assembly were implemented.

I created a graphical master Bill of Material (BOM) in both English and Chinese, covering parts, full specifications, assembly sequences, timing, all tooling etc. This BOM had embedded files and thus provided a complete build manual and a basis for revision control and a single document for developing series one and subsequent build standards. It was successfully used to plan the next phase of assembly.