Interim Business Unit Manager, P & L responsible for a £2M turnover business unit (part of very large energy group)


  • Controlled costs while reviewing how to best redevelop the business

  • Managed through a very unsettling period with no staff resignations

  • Closed out legacy issues and millions of pounds in contract liabilities

  • Integrated the unit elements into other French and US business units

As Interim Unit Manager for a business unit developing energy trading software to UK market regulations, I ran the business, focusing on:

  • supporting completion of a large group led contract.
  • closing out many problem legacy contracts with associated liabilities, all of which were achieved.
  • ensuring profitable outcomes for other smaller contracts.
  • rebuilding of the order book.

In parallel, I developed an approach for the part migration of activity to the US and the remaining activity to merge with a European business unit – giving the best chance for commercial viability in the market sector.

I stewarded the business unit through the transition, resolving a myriad and diverse range of issues both real and political.