Interim General Manager based at site, P & L responsible for a £4M turnover/30 people business unit


  • Business brought to break even plus after a period of loss by focusing on specific customers to achieve sales

  • Expedited investment to completion in key areas to achieve compliance and process improvement

  • Brought transparency to business operation and financial reporting

As Interim General Manager for a business separating liquid waste streams to recover value or manage pollutants, I brought a fact-based understanding to the recent financial performance of the business unit, identifying what had occurred and why.

I developed and implemented a simple strategy to stabilise the business unit and create a basis for medium term growth.

I brought a focus to sales activity by targeting on specific customer groups to improve predictability of business performance.

I resolved/expedited a range of issues/projects that supported that strategy, made small investments that gave disproportionate return and introduced processes that ensured near real time transparency of performance and improved communication.

The result was greater stability and a reduced reliance on large one-off contracts.