Interim Manager within a £25M turnover business unit, responsible for the service operations unit (20 people)


  • Recovered service operations for a fleet of 600 machines during a period of rapid change

  • Recruited and trained 50% of the people to drive and improve capability and create a service-oriented culture

  • Handed over a stable business operation to a permanent manager

As Interim Manager for a high technology life preserving medical equipment company, I developed and delivered a recovery programme, eliminating a backlog of 250 machine services and 1,500 record updates across 600 machines.

I improved service levels – time to react, time to final fix, first time right, planned maintenance delivery, etc.

I instigated and drove the recruitment of a technician team (growing the employee base by 35%) to create a proactive, service-driven culture.

I ensured a successful handover and provided support to the new permanent manager.

I resolved legacy issues such as costings, non performing employees, etc.