Interim Package Manager on a £50M autonomous cart baggage handling system (total business: 165 people, £68M turnover); 1st of 3 consecutive assignments


  • Steel work packages completely removed for the critical path for the project

  • Design, approval and compliance processes managed, providing visibility of status and stopping surprises

  • The result was that steel work went from being project-critical to a non-issue in terms of time and scope

In the immediate takeover, I reactively managed steel work batches to minimise disruption, which produced a quick result and reduced the delay of material on site.

Whilst managing the immediate need, I went back through the contractor and subcontractor supply chain to establish the underlying problems and fix them.

I reviewed what went wrong on early phases of supply and made sure these did not occur on later phases.

I took the steelwork packages so far off the critical path that a variety of options opened up for downstream activities by others.

When a major supplier dispute arose, my depth of understanding meant I was able to reconstruct the supply without impacting the overall project programme.