Interim Project Director on a £50M autonomous cart baggage handling system (total business: 165 people, £68M turnover); 3rd of 3 concurrent assignments


  • Whole system (all phases, 180 carts) passed client confidence period and became available for live traffic

  • All other deliverables were achieved (including documentation, compliances, ancillary equipment, etc.) and minimal open points passed to OEM customer support team

  • The result was that no penalties were imposed

I took over the whole project at a critical stage as phase 4 became available for commissioning and integration and ensured it was managed seamlessly.

I took a very hands style with all activity, making sure problems were quickly known and addressed, and resourced other deliverables to ensure they were never on the critical path.

I rebuilt the internal relationships with other supplying group businesses to create and maintain trust and performance, so they were on our side during this intensely pressurised project.

I banked time by driving the project ahead of program and assertively managed the situation as technical issues emerged to minimise the consequences.

I ensured commercial issues did not disrupt progress to complete.

I took a very hands-on role during the client-witnessed integration testing phase to make sure issues were picked up and resolved within 24 hours.

I managed the consequences of Covid 19 on site to ensure the project did not stop.