Interim Commercial Manager with a £150M turnover marine defence business unit


  • Developed options for a complicated extended delay claim (potentially €30M) and consequent range of likely outcomes

  • Identified the most productive way forward to recover realistic costs incurred and mitigate commercial liabilities then led initial client-facing discussions

 As Interim Manager for a specialist defence engineering contractor, I undertook the commercial options development for an extended project delay on highly engineered/high value capital equipment for a submarine installation.

I understood each party’s contractual position and the root cause of issues, project cost progression and the various possible scenarios to complete.

I mapped out realistic options for a resolution that worked within the situation and the commercial/corporate constraints.

I gained initial corporate approval for my client and led initial negotiations, then revised my approach as the situation changed. Total resolution (tied up with the politics of a very large defence contract) occurred a number of years later.