Interim Project Manager, part South Korea based with a £400M turnover marine and defence business unit


  • Created an understanding of the Korean civilian and military marine business market sectors and developed a highly productive business network

  • Established practicalities and developed specific opportunities to a point of decision

  • Client increased presence in the country

Based in South Korea as Interim Manager for a specialist defence engineering and services contractor, I created an understanding of the business environment, market potential (both domestic and as a possible Asian export hub), looked at the practicalities of creating a business entity and growing an enterprise in the country and as a regional hub (the client already had a project presence to deliver key equipment contracts on submarine programmes).

I built a highly productive local network for others to pick up, developed a country prospectus, including options and outcomes, practical outline plans, priorities for immediate development as well as options for future development, costs and (importantly) what not to do.

My client has now increased its presence in the country.